Twilight Party Ideas

Anyone excited for the Breaking Dawn Premiere this week?!? Don’t be too jealous, but I get to see it at a special screening BEFORE the midnight showing. Yeah baby!

Instead of waiting until after the fact, I thought I’d post beforehand about the party we’re hosting for anyone still looking for ideas.

First off, the food. We’re doing appetizers/desserts at our party before the movie, treats for during the movie, and then going out to dinner after the movie. Here’s the party food menu:

– Werewolf Kibble (aka Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies)
– Deviled Eggs (since Bella craved eggs when she was pregnant)
– Swiss Cheese Fondue dyed red to look like blood with all the goodies for dipping
– Wedding Cake
– Fangs (Bugle snacks)
– Werewolf Chew Sticks (Pirouette cookies)
– Sparkling Cider in champagne glasses

At our party, we are playing a trivia game with prizes (each girl will bring a prize $5 or under and the winner of the game will get to choose first). We are also taking photos with props, costumes and a backdrop, and knowing the ladies I will be with, this will be the craziest and best part of the night. And of course, we are eating and chatting and debating Edward vs. Jacob. Hee hee.

Then I’m giving these to each of the girls to take to the theater:Cool mint for Edward and hot cinnamon for Jacob. Hee hee. These are just snack sized Ziploc bags with paper toppers that fold over the zipper and are stapled shut.

Can’t wait to see the wedding! And that freaky baby. Go Team Edward!
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  1. Sounds awesome. If i was back in Phoenix I would have seen it early as well. However since I am living in a Small town I am going to have to take a drive to see it. 🙁


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