Thanksgiving Sugar Cone Cornucopia Treats

The perfect Thanksgiving treat, these miniature cornucopias made out of sugar cones will look so fun and festive on your Thanksgiving table.

sugar cone cornucopias

These cute cornucopia treats would be perfect class party treats or neighbor treats or a fun pre-Turkey snack on Thanksgiving day. I might make one to go on each plate around the table, so people have something to snack on while they’re waiting for dinner. You could even use them as place markers at the table and add a little tag onto the ribbon that says each person’s name. So fun!

Materials Needed

  1. Soak the tip of the waffle cone in warm water for about 20 seconds. It really helps to put water on the inside too.
  2. Remove from water and microwave the wet waffle cone for about 20 seconds.
  3. Roll the softened tip of the cone around a clean pencil and hold it in place for about 20 seconds. Be very patient during this step. It’s easy to tear the cone if you go too quickly. If the cone doesn’t bend easily, try soaking it in water for another 20 seconds.
  4. After the cone has cooled, dried and hardened completely, fill with candies, cover the opening with plastic wrap to hold the candies inside, use the rubber band to secure the wrap, and tie a ribbon around the outside to hide the rubber band.

That’s it! So simple and so cute!

Readers have had success or failure based on the brand of the sugar cones they purchased. I used Keebler brand with good success. I’m sure there are other brands that would work well, but if you use another brand, just know that you may have a hard time getting the cones to bend without breaking.

Here’s a little video that shows you exactly how to make these fun Thanksgiving treats.


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  1. At my school we have to make a craft for our Thanksgiving luncheon, Thanks for the great idea! I've also seen a craft that used bugles and runts.

  2. Couldn't get the end to curl. Threw out all but 5 cones. Decided to use them and make Tepees out of them to add to the platter of Pilgrim Hats and Oreo Turkeys. Looks like such a great idea….wish it worked. :~(

  3. They didn't curl for me either. I tried soaking them longer & shorter. I also tried putting them in the microwave longer and shorter. 🙁 Instead, I just filled them and put the ribbon on with out the ends done up nicely.

    • I made these for my Safety Patrol Students. It was difficult making the tips curl. Longer soak time and heat experimentation til you find the right ratio. Be patient and experiment.

  4. My son and I made these for him to take to school and share with his first grade class. They came out great and he was so happy taking them in this mornng! Thank you for such an easy and adorable Thanksgiving treat!

  5. Made these for my daughters preschool. I used sixlets instead of M&Ms bc they were cheaper. I also took out all the green ones so that they were fall colors ( red, yellow, orange and brown). wrapped them with Brown and orange ribbon and they turned out great. I did have to heat mine longer in the microwave (30 seconds) but other than that they worked!

  6. I saw this on facebook and fell in love. It took me a few tries and rereading but I got it. I bought target brand sugar cones, less then 2 bucks. I soaked them in a mug for about 20 seconds. I also filled them with water about half way. Microwaved them for 30 seconds and the folded great. I didn't use the pencil, I just bent it about half way. We made about 25 so that's a lot of m&m's to fill with. Waiting for them to harden again but so far they are so cute and good for older kids to help with. Thanks for the adorable idea =)

  7. This so did not work. I used Keebler brand waffle cones and the ends just disintegrate. The kids just filled the remainder of the cone up with fresh berries and had a fun snack.

  8. I wet the ends and then placed them with the ends perched up on the edge of a cookie sheet to dry, had to dry overnight. Worked fine with about 30 seconds in the water and 5 seconds in the microwave. Good luck!

  9. My eighteen year old daughter and I made these tonight. It's brutal to get the ends the right consistency to curl. We tried adjusting each variable (soak time, microwave time, technique), but it just didn't work well. I, too, wonder if the cone brand was a factor.

    Also, I didn't want my M&Ms to be loose, so I used marshmallow Fluff to stick them to the inside of the cone.

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  11. I made these today, using sugar cones. They worked perfectly, and were very easy to do. After soaking the cone, I wrapped the bottom portion in a damp paper towel before microwaving. If you do this, be careful of the steam when you remove the paper towels. Thanks for the idea!

  12. We made them with sugarcones it took 25 seconds in water and 30 in microwave and they were easier to curl. I didn't think the pencil was all that easy. I added reeces pieces and hershey kisses to fill some space so not to use as many m&ms.

  13. Big Y brand doesn't work. I got the Keebler ones to fold in half by 20sec water & 18sec micro. Couldn't get any to do the full curl….the tip never got soft enough without the rest falling apart.

  14. Only 6 of my 12 turned out, almost burned one trying to microwave it longer. Anyways I did use the cheap brand so that could be way I couldn't get them to curl without breaking. Very cute idea tho

  15. Adorbs! I bought Keebler and Market Pantry WAFFLE cones. They worked beautifully, the “waffle” looked like a basket, abit bigger than sugar cone.
    Thanks for Idea!


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