Updating Tired Jeans

Hey everyone! I know it’s been slim pickings at The Craft Patch lately, but it is spring! That glorious time of year when everyone comes out of hibernation, the trees start to blossom and my skin remembers what the sun’s touch feels like. It is simply too scrumptious a time of year to be stuck inside.

However, the change in weather has got me itching to update my wardrobe. It’s just not in ye ole budget to splurge on myself right now, so I’ve been trying to do a few little things to help me feel fresh and renewed and ready for summer.

My project to share today is how to update a pair of jeans. Here is the before and after picture:

All I did was stitch over the existing top-stitching using embroidery floss, but I think it modernizes these jeans and most importantly will make me happy to wear them again. I used the biggest, sturdiest needle I had and still had to use a piece of that rubber grippy stuff to help me pull it through some of the seams where the fabric is extra thick. It took three or four bundles of floss to do the whole thing and the total cost was only a dollar or two. An easy update for a new season!


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