Woman’s Skirt to Little Girl’s Summer Dress

Remember this stuff I got at a rummage sale? See the white/pink/brown floral skirt in the top right corner?

Tah-dah!!! It has been TRANSFORMED:

And you won’t believe how easy it was to do! The skirt was a very simple A-line shape with a thicker waistband and zipper in the back middle. First I unpicked the zipper and sewed that spot closed. Then I sewed bias fold tape all the way around the top edge. I sewed another line of bias fold tape around the lower edge of the waistband and threaded both with elastic. Here’s a peak inside if what I’m writing makes no sense:
The only thing left to do was add some straps to keep the dress up. Here’s a more detailed view of the top:

And check out this little princess…nice curtsy!



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