Valentine’s Day Decorations

I never know when to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Do you put away Christmas and go straight to Valentine’s Day? Do you wait until February and only leave it up for 14 days? There’s no easy start date like most other holidays. Anyway, I decorated today. Most of the stuff you’ve seen before (here and here). But here’s what’s new:

A simple little garland hanging across the armoire in my front room. I made it from these adorable Valentines I got at a local scrapbook store on clearance a few months back. I made some paper hearts, then strung the whole thing together.

I hung the valentines using mini clothespins…they are so small and cute!

I made these hurricanes from dollar store vases and thrift store candlesticks. Tutorial HERE. They are filled with dollar store glitter hearts and red mirror ball ornaments that were a clearance Christmas score a few years back. And yes, they are sitting on jars of different heights to make them visible over the armoire’s crown molding.

That’s it! But it’s enough to make me smile and that’s the whole reason I decorate for holidays in the first place, so I’d say it’s done it’s job.



  1. So cute Jen! You are so creative! I'm so impressed! Congrats on number three on the way!!! – Jodi Smith Swanson <3


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