How to Make Paper Flowers

Learn how to make paper flowers by hand or with an electronic cutting machine and enjoy the free paper flower templates below.

I made a rainbow of giant paper flowers to decorate my craft room and today I’m sharing the free paper flower templates and a tutorial for how you can make your own big, bold and beautiful paper flowers.

paper flowers

I can’t even tell you the pizzazz that these paper flowers add to my craft room and how much I’m in love. It is such a huge focal point in the room and I adore the bright colors and whimsical feel. My craft room is my happy place and these giant, colorful flowers really reflect that feeling.

Paper flowers are so fun to make, can be used in so many different ways and there are endless options for color combinations to match your decor style. Paper flowers make great decorations for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers and pretty mch every special occasion! And the best part is that the whole thing is made from nothing but paper and hot glue so they’re super affordable.

How to Make Paper Flowers

I went to Hobby Lobby and loaded up on cardstock in every color of the rainbow, literallyIt takes 8 sheets of 8.5×11″ cardstock for the largest flowers shown and 3 sheets for the smallest flowers, so be sure you buy enough cardstock. Nothing’s worse than being one sheet of paper short and having to run back to the store in the middle of a project. I went when open stock paper and paper packs were all 50% off, so I feel like I scored big time.

How To Make Paper Flowers Step By Step

Making paper flowers is simple and so fun. All you need is paper, scissors and hot glue. You can use a Silhouette or Cricut machine if you have one, but cutting the petals out by hand is totally doable too. I created a video tutorial to show you exactly how to make them.

Paper Flower Video Tutorial


Materials Needed

  • Free SVG Files (download below)
  • Colored Cardstock
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Silhouette Cameo Machine
  • Cutting Mat
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Download the paper flower templates below and import them into Silhouette Design Studio.
  2. Trace around the shapes and resize the flower petals to fit on the paper you’ll be using.
  3. Adjust cut settings for cardstock and send petals to be cut.
  4. Curl the edges of the flower petals around a pencil.
  5. Fold the bottom slit on top of itself and glue it into place.
  6. Glue the small petals onto a cardstock circle, then repeat for the medium sized petals and repeat again for the largest petals.
  7. Layer the three rounds of petals together and glue in place.
  8. Add a center decoration if desired.
how to make giant paper flowers


Materials Needed

  • Free Printable Template (download below)
  • Colored Cardstock
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  1. Download the paper flower template below.
  2. Resize the petals on the computer if desired. Print.
  3. Cut out the flower petal templates. Trace onto cardstock and cut out with scissors. To speed up the process, you can cut through several layers of cardstock at a time.
  4. Curl the edges of the flower petals around a pencil.
  5. Fold the bottom slit on top of itself and glue it into place.
  6. Glue the smallest center petals onto a cardstock circle, then repeat for the medium sized petals and repeat again for the largest petals.
  7. Layer the three rounds of petals together and glue in place.
  8. Add a center decoration if desired.

For this particular display of paper flowers, I wanted a mix of big and small flowers with tropical greenery peeking out a bit, so I planned out which colors in rainbow order would be big and small, then mixed different flower shapes so there was plenty of variety.

It’s hard to tell in the pictures, but I found some really pretty pearlized paper at Hobby Lobby and used that for the lightest pink flower and the ombre aqua flower. It adds a subtle sparkle that I really love. I also bought a pack of vellum and created one entire flower from it. It basically disappears in pictures but is pretty in real life.

how to make paper flowers with a silhouette machine

I’m even sharing the free paper flower templates for you to enjoy.  

There are four files available. One file is for printing and cutting by hand and the other three are SVG files to use with a Silhouette or Cricut machine. The three SVG files are for easy paper roses, cabbage roses and peonies. You’ll see all four templates in the Google folder. Enter your email address in the box right below this paragraph to access all of the templates for free.

I also purchased THESE cut files from the Silhouette Design Store. It’s what I used for the flower centers. I just added the slits to the bottom of each flower petal to make them more 3D.

This was such a fun project. Each paper flower is a miniature work of art and watching the rainbow of flowers come together was really satisfying. It will inspire me every day as I’m in my craft room creating.

I mean, how could you not be inspired when you look up and see this?!


How do you attach the paper flowers to the wall?

I used thumb tacks hidden under a layer of petals. If you don’t want to put holes in the walls, the velcro-like Command strips would work well. I don’t recommend using tape unless the paper flowers will only be used as a short-term decoration. Tape tends to fall off with time.

What type of paper do you use to make paper flowers? What is the best material to make paper flowers?

Cardstock. I bought it in packs at Hobby Lobby because it was cheaper per page. You can use any kind of paper, but if you use flimsy printer paper, the flowers tend to be a little bit droopy, so I prefer cardstock. It doesn’t have to be a particular weight. This pack of cardstock on Amazon would work great.

How do I download the templates?

Enter your email address in the teal colored box above. You will get an email with the link to download the templates.

What size do I cut out the petals?

Any size you want! You can adjust the sizes of any of the templates in Silhouette Studio or if you’re cutting the petals by hand, adjust the pattern on the computer before printing. You can adjust the size in software such as Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, or PicMonkey.

As a reference, the largest flower in the photos is sized so that the largest outside petals fit ONE petal per 8.5×11″ sheet of paper. That’s a very large petal!

What size do I cut out the circle bases?

This isn’t an exact science… but as a starting point, if you’re making the largest size flower with one petal per 8.5″x11″ piece of paper, you’d need a circle that’s about 3 inches in diameter and progressively smaller circles for smaller sized flowers.

Where did you get the leaf patterns?

I purchased a cut file from Silhouette Design Store. They had a ton to choose from! If you are cutting leaves by hand, Google “jungle leaves” and print one out to use as a pattern.

I can’t open the free files. What’s wrong?

The number one reason people can’t access the files is that they are at work and their work server blocks access to Google Drive. This is especially true for school districts. Try opening the files again at home or from an unrestricted computer and see if that helps.

Aren’t these flowers a huge dust collector?

Not really. And when I notice they’re dusty, I spray them down with canned air (or blow air out of my shop vac), then vacuum the floor. Easy peasy!

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  1. Hello I have a weird question for you? How many do I need to cut with the cut files on each petal to make it fuller and thicker? I hope that makes sense hah!! thank you so much for this great idea you are very very talented!!!!

    • I tried uploading some of the files as SVG files. Did you see that there are two different file types in the Google folder linked above? It was a little tricky to get them to convert to SVG for some reason. The good news is that you can always download the printable template and just trace the shapes in your cricut software.

  2. I love this!! I have downloaded the .svg files and noticed that 2 files have different sizes and the cabbage rose are all one size. For example, the cabbage rose. What size are the petals for each layer. I would hate to waste paper cutting the wrong sizes. Thank you

    • The cool thing about this project is that you can make them any size you want! For the very largest flower shown, I cut one petal per 8.5×11 piece of paper. Most of hte other flowers had about 4 petals per 8.5×11 paper to give you an idea of size. Just scale them so each set of petals is a bit smaller than the last, if that makes sense.

  3. Hi there! I've been wanting to do this exact thing for so long in my girls' room but I am having a hard time finding instructions. Do you have a link or website you used to for constructing these?

  4. Hi Jennifer, gorgeous flowers! Is there are circle file available for the SIL? And how do the peony flowers go together? Thank you! 🙂

    • I didn't include the circle file because they're pretty simple to make on your own in Silhouette Studio. Just click on the circle tool and make three circles measuring around 2 inches, 3 inches and 3.5 inches.

      All of the flowers go together in the same way… round off the petals, fold the bottom slit over on itself and secure with hot glue, then glue the petals to a circle. Repeat for 3 rounds in different sizes…

      The only difference with the peonies is to roll the petals toward the center of the flower instead of away from the center, if that makes sense.

      Does that help?

  5. Love these and can't wait to try!! My daughter has the same triangles on her wall. Can you tell me where you got the actual window treatment? It would look awesome in her space!!

  6. The cabbage rose files are all the same size 15×11.5, what paper did you cut these out on?

    I can't find cardstock that is bigger than 12×12, I have a 12×24 mat for the Silhouette but can't find large enough paper to cut this cabbage rose out in one piece

  7. These are beautiful flowers! I will be making some for an Alice in Wonderland baby shower, I don't have a hobby lobby by me so I need to order cardstock online, did these color sheets come in a book, or do you know if I can order loose sheets online?

  8. I'm going to make these for my new granddaughter's room!!! I would love to have the pattern for the largest one, the one that you said the largest petals where cut use one sheet per petal. Thank you for these patterns, I can't wait to start!

  9. HI! I do have a silhouette and I am having trouble getting the files to open in my silhouette studio. Do you have ideas or tips on how I should go about doing this? I am new to this silhouette world and need some tips.

  10. If you click on "3D Paper Flower Cut Files" above in this post, it will open Google Drive with the files. Then, look for the heading that says Folders. The Silhouette files are in there. The other ones that pop up are SVGs which you need the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio to open. Hope that helps you! I'm cutting my petals now! Wish me luck! 🙂

    • THANK YOU!!! I drove myself crazy yesterday trying to save and open those files in my silhouette studio. I finally gave up and downloaded 2 flower templates I found elsewhere. Today I opened google and was going to just find some templates there but read your comment. It worked and now I have all the different templates! I bought one file in the silhouette store but that had the center she used so still a good thing. You rock!!!! Thanks!!!

  11. I would LOVE more instructions on how to do this. I think this would be so cute in my kids toyroom but have no idea where to even start. I understand that you use flower files… but then how are you building the flowers together? I'd love a longer youtube video tutorial <3

    • Thanks for the feedback, Nadia. It helps me know what is most useful for my readers.

      Did you watch the video in this post? It's quick, but it shows you the steps.

      I DO have a more in-depth video in the works, but it probably won't be done until January because I'm so busy making holiday crafts right now.

  12. Thank you for sharing the templates for these beautiful flowers! I haven’t downloaded them yet, but wanted to meanwhile watch your video. Unfortunately, I cannot find your YouTube link. ☹️ Can you direct me?

    • Hey Lani, I’ve been doing some website maintenance and some of my videos disappeared. I have it embedded again in this post, so hopefully that helps.

  13. Love this! I’m going to make some for my daughters room! I don’t have a machine so I’m going to do it all by hand but doesn’t seem that hard. Quick question: if I were to do it by hand what kind of paper should I use? Is it like card stock?

  14. I love it all but im have the hardest time printing only the large rose! The other pages printed fine but this one isn’t! Is there anything else i can do?

  15. Hobby Lobby is selling paper flowers like this with gold trim and they’re only $4 to $12 depending on size… BUT I may just copy them now with paper I already have 😁 Thank you for sharing this!

    • They’ve started selling several different types of big paper flowers, which is so great for people who don’t have the time to make them.

    • In the post there is a teal colored box with the words “Get the Printable Files” in it. Enter your email address there and it’ll send the files to your email.

  16. Is this template still available — I clicked and confirmed per instructions from Return email and still have not received template — thank you.

    • I just tried the box and it worked for me. Enter your email. Then it’ll send you an email where you confirm your subscription. Then a window pops up with a link to the files. If you are on a work computer, sometimes they block access to files like this.

  17. Hi! I love these so much and want to make them for my little girls room! Quick question though….I’m sure they get a little dusty and I’m just wondering how you dust them?

  18. I have a question… so this is super random but some girl was making these and selling them. I bought some for my daughters room… but the petals have started to uncurl and going back to being straight. So my flowers look weird and not cute anymore. What do you suggest I do to try and fix them?

    • Is it humid where you live? That’s the only reason I can come up with for them uncurling. You can try shaping the edges around a pencil to give them their curl back.

      • No it is not humid at all… but I just remembered we used her humidifier alot this winter when she was sick. That probably did it. I will try to use a pencil and hope it works! If not I will be making her some more. Thank you for your reply 🙂

  19. Hi! I’m so excited to use your tutorial to create these beautiful flowers!! Quick question, where did you get the template for the leaves? Maybe I’m overlooking it. 🙂 Thanks so much! Truly beautiful!!

    • I don’t, but if you google “jungle leaves” you should be able to find a leave shape you like, print it out and use it as a pattern.

  20. Thank you so much for the paper flower files, instructions and video! This is exactly what I’ve wanted for my great granddaughter’s nursery. I’m going to go watch the video now!

  21. Paper Flowers have always scared me but I just got a silhouette and now after reading this I’m feeling inspired to tackle something life this for my craft room this weekend. Thanks for the files and inspiration!

  22. […] row above. If you are interested in adding paper flowers like I have, visit Jennifer’s blog, The Craft Patch. She has a very easy to follow, tutorial on how to make the paper flowers. They were quick and easy […]

  23. How did you use only 8 sheets of 8.5×11 sheets of paper for the largest flower if the base layer has 8 petals that are as large as the 8.5×11 sheet of paper?

    • Ah… you’re right! It took 8 sheets JUST for the outside layer! I’ll go in and fix that. It must have taken more like 10 or 11 sheets. Oops!

  24. What is the width of your window? I’m planning on doing this for my classroom and my window has a span of 12 ft. This way I can kind of gauge how many more flowers I’ll need to add in.

  25. In order to download Files, I had to download a program called Silhouette Studio. Once there, I had to select the designs and change it to a black outline (instead of red) and increase the line to 2.00pt. I also had to select ‘show print border’ and adjust my print size down to 95-97% so that it wouldn’t get cut off.

    Note, the instructions are not posted with the designs so you will have to return to the website to get the exact step by step instructions.

  26. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing the free templates.

    Only one template has directions.
    Do we use the same directions for all the templates (peonies, cabbage svg)

    I am so confused.

    • I just eyeballed it. Or you can lay the petals out in the shape that you want them and then measure about what size the hole is in the middle. It doesn’t have to be super precise.

  27. These are beautiful, which pattern goes with the light teal one that has the pointed petals- it is on the right side. I am making these to match my Steam classroom. so excited to do this 🙂

  28. Hi! How in the world do you curl the petals so that they’re smooth? I tried curling a few around a pencil (and I also tried a pen), but they wind up looking like a lot of creases instead of a nice smooth curve. 🙁

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  30. For the center flowers, when I click on the link to the silhouette store to buy the center pieces, it comes up with lots of choices. Many…which ones did you use and what material did you make the centers with? vinyl, cardstock? Also, did you also cut a small circle as the center base for each flower?

    • I used Design ID 195517 for the center cutouts and I cut them out of cardstock. And yes, I cut cardstock circles for the flower bases.

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