How To Make Beaded Paper Butterflies

Accordion fold paper butterflies are a simple craft that even kids can make. Spice them up by adding pretty beads or making them from metallic scrapbook paper. These butterflies make super cute, affordable wall decor for a little girl’s bedroom or nursery. They’d also be great for a spring party!

Are you ready to learn how to make your very own paper butterflies?

Materials Needed:

  • scrapbook paper
  • assorted beads
  • craft wire (thin enough to be easily bendable. I used 24 gauge)
  • scissors
  • paper scorer (optional, but it sure makes the project easier!)


Begin by cutting a curvy butterfly wing shape into your scrapbook paper. To ensure the two sides are symmetrical, cut one side, then move the excess paper scraps to the other side, trace, then cut. Wha-la! Perfectly symmetrical cuts without having to fold down the middle of the paper.

Score 1/2 inch parallel lines across the entire paper.

Accordion fold the scores so you end up with this:

Pinch the center together and wrap tightly with wire. Leave two long ends of wire sticking out the top. These will be the antennas. Add beads if desired.





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