Teeny Tiny Zebra Shoes

I have a friend who is expecting a baby and she is so sick. She vomits constantly and finally had to be hooked up to a feeding tube and monitored by a home health nurse. Poor thing! My sister went through a similar experience about a year ago, so I have seen how hard a situation like this can be. I wondered how I could help my sweet friend and realized that the best thing I can do is give her a reminder of the reward at the end of the suffering.

Do you think these will help?

These little fabric shoes are so teeny tiny and adorable that I just know they will remind my friend of the baby she is working so hard for.

I used the pattern found here. The only change I made was to add the ruffle up the front of each toe. Because ruffles make everything cuter, right?!


  1. Sew cute! (Get it?!) I gave Rachel her first pair of pink socks for Adele which she kept on the fridge as a reminder of what all her suffering was for. I think these are a perfect gift!


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