Thanksgiving Utensil Pouch and Napkin Wrap Free Printable

These festive Thanksgiving utensil pouches and napkin wraps will add style to your Thanksgiving table this year. They are a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft.

Make these easy utensil pouches to use as Thanksgiving decorations at your table this year.
I’ve created some free Thanksgiving printables to share with you today and I’m pretty excited with how they turned out. They have the look of vintage logos!
There are two different versions. The first can be made into a little pouch to hold silverware and napkins. The other is a wrap that goes around the utensils and napkin.
They are very simple to make but I think they’ll add a nice touch to your Thanksgiving table.
STEP 1. Download the free Thanksgiving printables from the bottom of this post. Then print them onto 8.5×11″ cardstock. I chose kraft paper because the rustic texture seemed perfect for Thanksgiving, but you could get a totally different look by changing the color of the paper. They’d look awesome printed on vellum too!
Free printable napkin wrap and utensil holder for Thanksgiving
STEP 2. Follow the lines to cut each sheet into separate pieces.
STEP 3. For the napkin ring, wrap the paper around a folded napkin, then secure the ends in place with adhesive.
Make this cute Thanksgiving craft to decorate your Thanksgiving table.
STEP 4. To make the utensil pouches, fold the long strip back onto itself, leaving about an inch overhang at the top, then round the top corners using a corner punch.
Free printable Thanksgiving utensil pouches
STEP 5. Glue the left and right edges securely in place to make a pocket. I found that hot glue worked well for this.
Make these Thanksgiving decorations to hold your silverware. An easy Thanksgiving craft
And that’s it! This would be a great way to simplify the tasks to do on Thanksgiving day. If you made all the pouches ahead of time and used plastic utensils, setting the table the day of would go really quickly. I’m getting excited for Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays!
These designs are for personal use only please.
Make these easy utensil pouches to use as Thanksgiving decorations at your table this year. Fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts.

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  1. Thank you sharing. I’ll used these for my first Thanksgiving dinner ever. Not a South African tradition, but it will be a family tradition now.


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