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3/recent posts
Dollar Store Christmas Tree Hack

Dollar Store Christmas Tree Hack

Add extra glow and beauty to your Christmas tree this year with this easy dollar store ping pong ball hack!

Add ping pong balls to your tree lights for a pretty glowing effect

I was cruising the aisles of Dollar Tree recently and noticed these ping pong balls in the toy aisle. I grabbed a few packs and brought them home to experiment with. Guess what? They make the most amazing addition to my Christmas tree!

Add ping pong balls to your Christmas tree!

I simply cut a hole in one side of the balls with an exacto knife, slipped the ping pong ball over a Christmas light bulb and viola! A new glowing addition to my Christmas tree. 

If you want to purchase the ping pong balls in bulk, you can order them on Dollar Tree's website. If 24 packs is just too many for you, stop by your local Dollar Tree instead.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to make your own glowing orbs.

I can't believe how pretty they look and how much extra glow they give my tree. And it was so cheap easy to do!

Add this dollar store item to your Christmas tree for a glowing effect!

These photos are just a sneak peek of the full Christmas tree reveal and I can't wait to show you how cute the tree turned out this year. More to come... stay tuned!

Wow! This Christmas hack is so cool! How to make these amazing globe lights for your Christmas tree. They only cost $1 and can be added to your pre-lit tree. Such a pretty effect and they add so much extra glow to your holiday tree. #christmastree #christmas #christmaslights
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Jennifer V.
White Kitchen Makeover

White Kitchen Makeover

If you've been a reader around this little ole blog for a while, then you know how long this post has been in the works. Today I am just as ticked as can be to announce that the big kitchen remodel is finally complete! I can't wait to show you all of the amazing changes we've made. I feel like I've given birth. This kitchen is officially my baby! Presenting...

DIY kitchen remodel on a budget

Aahhh! Oooohhhhh!!! Eeeeee!!! I'm squealing with delight over here.

Let's just refresh your memory with some before and after photos, shall we?

Before, the kitchen was partitioned off with a weird beam going across and a wood pillar in the middle of the room. The cabinets were all knotty pine and the floor was made of pine shiplap planks. Yep, it was like having a log cabin floor and it was impossible to clean. The backsplash was blah, the countertops had been tiled over with granite tile (and it was done really poorly). And the layout was not very functional. If you opened the dishwasher, you couldn't access any of the cupboards in the peninsula and you couldn't reach the cupboard above the dishwasher to put dishes away. Plus the space between the bar stools and the kitchen table was pretty tight and when we had guests over, people were always bumping into each other right there. Major traffic clog.

Major Kitchen Renovation

We started in January of 2016 by replacing the flooring throughout the kitchen, dining and living rooms. You can read the detailed tutorial we wrote for Wayfair about how to install your own hardwood floor.

DIY Blog

At the same time we replaced the flooring, we rotated the cabinets that made up the peninsula to sit flush on the back wall, turning our U-shaped kitchen into an L-shaped kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Remodel

Then we built a custom island out of pre-fab cabinets from Home Depot.

We DIY-ed our own laminate countertops and even found a way to have an undermount sink with laminate countertops!

Then came the marble subway tile backsplash. It is my favorite part of the kitchen, hands down. Here's a progress shot: 

How to install a marble subway tile backsplash yourself

We removed the cabinets that used to hang down above the peninsula and added floating shelves to fill in the space visually and give me a fun place to display pretty dishes and seasonal decor. I love the warmth and character the shelves give the kitchen!

How to install floating shelves over a tile backsplash

One way we saved a ton of money on our kitchen remodel was to reuse our existing cabinet boxes and just put new doors on. My husband built 30+ new cabinet doors all by himself. Isn't that amazing? We chose a timeless shaker style and I love the clean look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

We added a walk-in pantry to what used to be an awkward space at the top of our steps. We also added pendant lights above the island.

Split Entry Home Remodel

DIY Kitchen Island from Stock Cabinets

Then we built the upper cabinets up to the ceiling and topped them with crown molding. And guess what? It's not regular wood molding... it's foam molding! I wrote a whole post all about why we chose foam crown molding.

U Shape Kitchen Turned L-Shape Kitchen with Island

I searched the entire internet for barstools that I loved and in the end, we decided to build a counter height bench to go at our island instead of traditional bar stools. I'll be sharing the building plans soon, but so far I can say that I LOVE not having to chase down the stools that my kids drag all around the kitchen.

Use a bench instead of bar stools

It is so much more fun to cook in this kitchen. The flow is so much better!

Now there are four separate work zones, which means four adults could easily work in this kitchen at the same time---one at the large counter space to the left of the sink, one at the stove, one on the front side of the island and one on the back side of the island! There is plenty of space to open the dishwasher and put dishes away. And the center section of the island is a pull out garbage can, which is something I've wanted forever and absolutely love.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets, Blue Island, Marble Backsplash, Black Countertops

If I were to do it again, there's not much I would change... mostly just doing things right the first time instead of learning from our mistakes as we went along. Ha!  I would choose a lighter color of wood flooring. Our floor is gorgeous, but it's hard to keep clean.

Dramatic Kitchen Makeover

Source List 

(some affiliate links may be used)

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Jennifer V.
Christmas Craft: Faux Stained Glass Window

Christmas Craft: Faux Stained Glass Window

Create a beautiful faux stained glass Christmas window using transparent glitter craft vinyl.

Make a faux stained glass window out of transparent glitter vinyl

Today I'm going to show you how to make a faux stained glass window using my new favorite kind of craft vinyl... transparent glitter vinyl! This vinyl is just like regular vinyl, but it's see through and sparkly. It reminded me so much of stained glass that I decided to try making a stained glass design and sticking it to a glass picture frame.

I have to tell you, this is one of the most fun-to-make crafts I've done in a while. It's basically like a sticker puzzle because you get to stick all of the stained glass shapes to fit into the black outline. I loved making it!

This post is brought to you by Expressions Vinyl. Best place to buy craft vinyl, hands down! Affiliate links may be used.

If you want to make this cute craft, you will need:

DIY Stained Glass Window Craft using transparent vinyl

Step 1. Open the Silhouette Design Studio File. There are three parts to the file. The first part is just for reference so you know how the design comes together. You don't need to cut this out. The second part is all of the colored pieces. Each group of colors should be cut from a different color of vinyl. You'll have to move them all off the cutting mat and cut the groups one at a time. The third part of the file is the outline and should be cut from black vinyl. You may need to resize all of the separate pieces to fit whatever size frame you use. If you need to resize, just be sure to select everything first, then resize, so that all of the pieces stay proportional.

Stained Glass Window Template

Hopefully that makes sense. It's definitely a more complicated vinyl project, but if you're comfortable with your Silhouette machine and you've used vinyl before, you can totally handle it!

Step 2. Remove the glass from your picture frame and wrap all of the edges with painter's tape to prevent getting cut.

Turn a picture frame into a stained glass window

Step 3. Weed! Remove all the excess vinyl to reveal the pieces you will use. I love my little red weeding tool. It is so handy!

Silhouette project ideas. Make a stained glass window!

Step 4. Use transfer tape to apply the black frame design to the front side of the glass. 

How to make a stained glass window using craft vinyl

Step 5. Turn the glass over and start applying the colored pieces. This is the fun part! It was like doing a puzzle, but with stickers! 

Make a faux stained glass window using a Silhouette machine

I pulled up the image below on my phone to use as reference while I put all the stickers on. It is mirrored since you'll be putting the stickers on from the back side. Just click on the image below to make it bigger so you can see where each piece goes as you work on your window.
After all of the pieces are placed, you'll have a gorgeous stained glass window! It's so, so pretty and much more sparkly and magical in person.

Make a faux stained glass window craft using glitter vinyl

It's interesting... when there is no light shining through, it's very muted and pastel, but when the light shines through, the colors come to life!

Make a beautiful Christmas craft using vinyl

Turn a glass picture frame into a stained glass art!

Create a beautiful faux stained glass Christmas window using transparent glitter craft vinyl. Christmas craft ideas from #christmascrafts
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Jennifer V.
Popsicle Stick Santa Christmas Craft for Kids

Popsicle Stick Santa Christmas Craft for Kids

Create this cute Santa ornament out of popsicle sticks. It's a fun and easy Christmas craft for kids.

Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas will be here before you know it. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing all sorts of Christmas craft ideas so that you have time to decide what crafts you want to make and actually shop for the supplies in time to enjoy your creations during December.

Today I'm participating in the Handmade Holidays blog hop. Lots of other creative peeps are sharing their fun ideas today too, so be sure to scroll to the end of the post to see links to all of the other awesome holiday projects.

If you're looking for Christmas craft to do with school aged kids, these Santa Claus ornaments made of popsicle sticks would be perfect for a class party activity.

To make your own ornaments, you will need:

1. Download the free printable Santa Claus face from the link in the supply list above. Print on cardstock. Cut out each Santa.

Christmas crafts for kids. Make a Santa Claus ornament.

2. For each Santa, paint two red popsicle sticks and six white sticks.

Make these cute Santa ornaments using wooden craft sticks

3. When the sticks are dry, use hot glue (or Elmer's glue for kids) to attach the sticks to the cardstock background. Start with the red hat pieces, then the beard pieces, then apply the white hat brim piece last.

Make these cute Santa holiday ornaments with craft sticks

4. Add a fluffy white pom pom to the point of the hat and glue a loop of string or twine to the back for hanging.

And that's it! It's a super simple craft, but that's what makes it perfect to do with kids. 

Wooden Santa handmade ornament Christmas craft for kids

Now be sure to go check out all of the other fun holiday craft ideas from these talented friends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Jennifer V.
Thanksgiving Utensil Pouch and Napkin Wrap Free Printable

Thanksgiving Utensil Pouch and Napkin Wrap Free Printable

These festive utensil pouches and napkin wraps will add style to your Thanksgiving table this year. They are a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft.

Make these easy utensil pouches to use as Thanksgiving decorations at your table this year.

I've created some free Thanksgiving printables to share with you today and I'm pretty excited with how they turned out. They have the look of vintage logos!

There are two different versions. The first can be made into a little pouch to hold silverware and napkins. The other is a wrap that goes around the utensils and napkin.

They are very simple to make but I think they'll add a nice touch to your Thanksgiving table.

1. Download the free Thanksgiving printables here. Then print them onto 8.5x11" cardstock. I chose kraft paper because the rustic texture seemed perfect for Thanksgiving, but you could get a totally different look by changing the color of the paper. They'd look awesome printed on vellum too!

Free printable napkin wrap and utensil holder for Thanksgiving

2. Follow the lines to cut each sheet into separate pieces.

3. For the napkin ring, wrap the paper around a folded napkin, then secure the ends in place with adhesive.

Make this cute Thanksgiving craft to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

4. To make the utensil pouches, fold the long strip back onto itself, leaving about an inch overhang at the top, then round the top corners using a corner punch.

Free printable Thanksgiving utensil pouches

5. Glue the left and right edges securely in place to make a pocket. I found that hot glue worked well for this.
Make these Thanksgiving decorations to hold your silverware. An easy Thanksgiving craft

And that's it! This would be a great way to simplify the tasks to do on Thanksgiving day. If you made all the pouches ahead of time and used plastic utensils, setting the table the day of would go really quickly. I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays!

These designs are for personal use only.
Make these easy utensil pouches to use as Thanksgiving decorations at your table this year. Fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts.
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Jennifer V.
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