Monday, March 30, 2015

Bright and Cheery Spring/Summer Throw Pillows

I decided to go bright and cheerful in the living room for spring and summer this year. Since I've got the perfect neutral background with white and gray couches and pale blue-green-gray walls, I knew the room could handle some color.

I found the gorgeous watercolor floral print at Home Fabrics and coordinated everything else around it. I threw in the gray fabric to tie into my gray couch and chairs that have the same fabric for cushions.

I still haven't figured out how I'm going to arrange the room. I know I need a coffee table, so I'll be on the look out at thrift stores and yard sales. And obviously I need wall art. I just can't decide what I want to hang and I do not want a bunch of holes in my new paint job until I'm sure what I want.

This little side table probably isn't right for the space, but I love it. It's antiqued metal and I found it alongside the road. Roadkill rescue! I bought the lamp used for $10, and the yellow mirror is one I got at the dollar store years ago and painted.

I crocheted the coral pillow with yarn I already had and whipped up the rest of the pillows in one afternoon. Since I already owned all the pillow forms, the pillows only cost me about $20 in fabric. Talk about bang for your buck!

A New Couch!

I've been thinking about getting the Ikea Ektorp couch for months now. I've read at least 20 reviews from other bloggers who own the Ektorp, and most of them have been positive. I already own a slipcovered couch and I LOVE being able to throw it in the wash. I love the look of the couch, and I even sat on one in the store, and it was comfy. But Ikea is 4 hours away, and I was still waffling just because $400 is a chunk of change.

So when I saw a used one for sale on a Facebook yard sale page for $250, I typed "I want it!" as fast as my fingers would let me. The couch I've been thinking about purchasing for $150 less than new? Score!

I went and picked it up from a cute newlywed couple who are moving to Texas. Here she is, in all her glory:

It's a little wrinkly, but I haven't washed the cover yet, and I read that if you dry it 75% of the way, then put it back on to finish drying, that gets rid of the wrinkles and prevents shrinking.

I don't know if my family can handle a white couch, but I figured if this slipcover gets trashed, I can buy the gray slipcover for $150 and still only be up to the original price of the couch new.

So far I love this couch so much. That pop of fresh white brightens the whole room and brings out the wall color (Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams).

Today I'm sewing throw pillows. Because if you get a new couch, of course you need throw pillows! And if you get new throw pillows, you need new wall art... do I sound like the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?

Can't wait to show you more!
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