Thursday, March 26, 2015

Trash To Treasure Media Cabinet

Confession: up until a few weeks ago, the only TV we had in the house was an old fashioned boxy one we got for $100 when we first got married. For years, the button has been broken and we've had to use a chopstick to turn it on. Well, that poor old TV finally gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago, and it was time for our family to join the rest of the world and get a flat screen TV. The only problem was that the new TV didn't fit in the armoire (that I scored for $5 at a yard sale. true story. read about it here.) 

We needed a media cabinet of some sort, and we needed it quick! Can you say, "Toddler in the house?" A few days ago, I walked into the garage and saw one lonely shelf on the wall, and a light bulb went off in my brain. See:

What? It doesn't look like a media cabinet to you? You aren't in love with the dingy green felt backing? Or the cobwebs or the hornet's nest that was hiding in one corner? You aren't alone. Hubby felt the same way. Well, I didn't let all that stop me.

I cleaned the thing really well, ripped off the felt backing, and brought it inside. One end was finished off, but the other end looked like it was missing a piece:

So I cut a 1x12 down to the right width and length and used wood glue and nails to attach it. I also added a 1x12 to the top to make it look finished.

Everything got a light sanding and some wood putty. Then I mixed up half a quart of leftover gray paint with half a quart of cream paint and went to town.

Added the adjustable shelves back in, and wha-la! Media cabinet! From something I found in my garage! And it cost me absolutely nothing since I used supplies I had laying around.

I love it! I love it even more because I didn't spend a dime on it. Cheapskate thrills, you know. I'm doing a happy dance right now.

Can you believe it? I mean, seriously, look at the before and after pics, folks! Talk about trash to treasure!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

April Fools Day "Cake"

April Fools Day is right around the corner and I'm already scheming and dreaming up tricks to play on my family. The other day I shared the "grilled cheese" sandwiches (that weren't sandwiches at all!) I made for dinner on April Fools Day last year. Today I'm going to share the other half of that meal.

We had cake for dinner!

It looks like a cake, right? Well, just like the grilled cheese sandwiches, it's not cake at all!

It's actually meatloaf with mashed potato frosting!

I baked up my favorite meatloaf recipe in a 9x13 pan, then turned it out onto a cookie sheet lined with foil. I whipped up some mashed potatoes, added a little pink food coloring, then "frosted" the meatloaf. For the finishing touch, I piped on stars just to make it look even more like a cake.

I mentioned in the grilled cheese post that we had two young men missionaries over for dinner on April Fools Day. When I told them we were going to have dinner backwards, they were very confused. I set the "cake" on the table confusion turned to "I think she's nuts." Then when I cut into it and shouted April Fools everyone got a good laugh. One missionary said, "Yes! I finally have something to write home about!"

I love pranks that are just good, clean fun. It's going to be hard to top last year's backwards dinner. Have any good ideas for me?
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