Kids Room Decorating: Hexagon Wall Treatment

Yesterday I shared the nightstands I painted for the kids’ room with a little sneak peak of the cool wall treatment I did in there. I don’t want to keep you hanging, so here’s the full shuh-bang…

The kids sleep in the basement bedroom of our rental home. They only have one small window and we can’t paint the walls. That means I had to get creative with some kind of decorating that would add some cheerful color to an otherwise plain, dark space. Basically the same problem I faced in the nursery.
I’ve seen hexagons popping up all over the place, and I love their bold, geometric qualities, so I went with it.
I bought a paper pack from Michael’s for $10 and a roll of double stick “permanent” tape from WalMart for $1. 

Then I printed out a hexagon shape from the computer to use as my template and cut out all the hexagons. My paper was 8.5×11, so I made the two vertical lines of the hexagon touch the edge of the paper, so they could be as big as possible and so it would save me from having to cut those two sides.
Then I started sticking them to the wall. I soon realized that I should have been more precise. What looked straight when I started ended up getting very crooked as it went. I had to go back and move all of the hexagons! See how far off they got?

I learned a valuable lesson I am passing on to you:

 Once I used the level, they were perfectly straight. So there you go. Don’t try to eyeball it.

I decided to do a free-form shape and just let the hexies wander on the wall, if you will. I love how it turned out.

I’ve still got work to do in here: sew the new bedding (the chevron white/grey fabric on the beds in the photos are just the sheets), style the tops of the nightstands, and make something to hold artwork. But it’s starting to come together. Take that plain white walls!

**Update: So, that “permanent” tape is not so permanent. We’ve  had falling hexagons, people! Anyone have a suggestion on what will stick without damaging the walls?



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