Fun Crafts to Make Out of Paper

These awesome crafts can be made using only paper and glue.

paper craft ideas

If you’re looking for craft ideas to keep you busy during home isolation, these crafts are fun, cute AND only take paper and glue to make! No shopping required, you can just start making. 

The world is a crazy place right now and I firmly believe that crafting is therapy. Make something to take your mind off of your worries and to keep your hands busy. And since suddenly we are all homeschool moms, a lot of these crafts would be great for kids and teenagers too.

Geometric Paper Bowls 

Print out the free template, then fold and glue these modern and cool little dishes you can use to organize office or craft supplies.

DIY geometric paper bowls

Rolled Paper Flowers 

These are easiest to make using a Silhouette or Cricut machine, but you could also cut them out by hand. Then you can use them in all sorts of fun ways… to decorate a sign, wreath, gift tag, card or anything else!

rolled paper flowers DIY

Paper Butterflies

These butterflies are made out of patterned scrapbook paper and have pretty beaded antenna… but if you don’t have beads, you can make them without. 


paper butterflies

Giant Paper Flowers

These giant paper flowers are so fun to make. If you have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, you can use them to cut out the petals, but there are also printable templates you can cut out by hand.

giant paper flowers

Accordion Fold Paper Wreath

Make a new wreath for your front door by making paper medallions an layering them together.

paper medallion wreath

Paper Orbs 

Print out the template, then you can paint or color it before folding it into a unique orb shape.

paper orb diy

3D Paper Stars

Make these cool 3D stars with the help of a Silhouette or Cricut machine or cut them out by hand. You could also put two together, punch holes in it and turn it into a luminary.

diy 3D paper stars

Paper Chain Snake

Turn a paper chain into a bendy snake! I’ll admit these are creepy to me, but they are super fun to make!

paper chain snake

Paper Beads

Did you know you could make beads out of paper? You can use any paper you happen to have on hand, including old magazines! It’s a surprisingly easy process.

diy paper beads

Paper Kaleidoscope Toy

Print out the template, color it any way you’d like, then fold it into a little moving toy and watch the patterns change as you twist it.

paper kaleidoscope

Woven Paper Baskets

Learn how to make little baskets completely out of paper that’s woven together. 

Woven Paper Easter Basket

Paper Chain Rainbow Wall Hanging

Who knew paper chains could look so chic?! My teenager wants to make one of these to hang in her room.

paper chain rainbow wall hanging

Paper Fan Wall Art 

Group paper fans together to make a unique art installation.

DIY layered paper fan wall decoration

Exploding Photo Memory Box

It looks like a box, but when you open it, it explodes into a mini scrapbook album! It looks complicated to make but the instructions are really easy to follow.

DIY explosion photo box.

Woven Paper Art

You probably remember weaving paper placemats in elementary school. This is the adult version… and it turns out so cool! Once you get the hang of it, I can see this craft being super addicting.

diy woven paper art

Folded Paper Bracelets

These can be customized in so many ways (solid colored paper, watercolored paper, patterned paper, etc.) and are fun to make.

folded paper bracelet tutorial

Layered Paper Cut Toucan Art

Use the SVG files or printable template to make a gorgeous piece of art by layering cut paper.

Toucan Cut Paper Wall Art

Abstract 3D Paper Wall Art

Fold paper into geometric shapes and make a funky, cool piece of wall art.

paper geometric wall art

Paper Leaf Wreath

The leaves can be made out of patterned paper, wrapping paper, solid colored cardstock or textured paper and each type of paper will give the finished wreath a totally different vibe.

paper leaf wreath

I hope you found a project that peaks your interest. Stay home, stay busy, stay healthy, my friends!


  1. Thankyou for these wonderful ideas. I’m certainly going to make some of them, at least. A BIG THANKYOU FOR GIVING US IDEAS TO EASE THE BOREDOM.


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