Pinterest Tested: I Tested These Life Hacks. Some Worked, Some Didn’t!

If you are a long-time follower of this blog, you may remember my super popular Pinterest Tested series from many years ago. I’ve compiled all of those tests into this one post so they’re easier to find. There are a lot of helpful tips and tricks as well as some hilariously epic fails.

popular life hacks tested

I dish the truth and nothing but the truth on these popular life hacks as seen on Pinterest. I test them for you so you can skip the ones that flop!

If I could only pick one of them for you to try, it would be the DIY Tub Cleaner. Life changing, folks. Seriously. I’ve converted everyone in my family to it. I get emails from readers who sing its praise. It’s just THAT GOOD. You’ll use it once and be converted.


Life Hacks: Which Ones Work?

Have you had any Pinterest fails? Or even better, have you had a big success trying a life hack you’ve seen on the internet? I’d love to know! Share your experiences in the comments.



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